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IBESKIPO – Asutan , Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Located in southeastern Delta region of Nigeria, in Akwa Ibom state. Ibesikpo-Asutan is one of the thirty-one Local Government Areas in the State. It is made up of two clans namely Ibesikpo and Asutan Clan. According to the most recent census, Ibesikpo Asutan has a population of 137,127. It is part of Ibibio which is the main ethnic group, the largest in the state.

The people in this region face great challenges. In the larger Niger Delta region, oil production has brought very little improvement in the standard of living for residents. Instead, there has been serious environmental damage, with more than 7,000 reported oil spills between 1970 and 2000. The competition for oil wealth has created ethnic tensions.

Although protected by the constitution, Nigerian women and children are vulnerable to economic and societal mistreatment and discrimination. The region also has been affected by an increase in diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. Malaria and HIV/AIDS are the top causes of death.